Defunct Bloom 1986-1987 in Blacksburg, Virginia

Members Include:

  • Todd Robinette: Vocals
  • Kenny Guitar: Guitar
  • Brian Idle edsel: Guitar
  • Stewart Zimbol: Bass
  • Greg Drums: Drums

Defunct Bloom consisted of five wayward souls. The details are foggy but Todd had left a band that he was in with Stewart. Todd and idle were listening to new music and had some sprouting riffs and song ideas, and wanted to try something different. This is when Todd came up with the name Defunct Bloom. We found Kenny, who was an awesome guitarist. When he joined it was a good thing for the band. The band played bars like South Main Café in Blacksburg.

“The sad thing is that I started feeling unneeded and was smoking so much weed that I was afraid to even discuss this with the band. I mistakenly thought that the band would be better off without me, so I quit the band. As soon as I left, I was mystified to find out that the band fell apart without me. I vowed to never quit a band again.” - Idle

There are live recordings somewhere out there.