DieDrop 1985-1986 in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Members Include:

  • Brian idle edsel Diedrich: Vocals, Guitars
  • Tommy Galloway: Bass
  • Mark Waldrop: Drummer

DieDrop consisted of three dudes who went to the same highschool, surfed the same beaches, and all ended up at the same college Virginia Tech. Mark was more of a surfer dude, while Idle liked his weed, and Tommy liked his beer. The band formed around a Tascam four track cassette recorder, that idle got for Christmas. Mark came over Christmas day and we were laying down tracks right away, some of which made it on to the DieDrop Tape. There were times where after parties we both crashed with different chicks on their bunk beds in the girl dormitory. Tommy wasn’t on most of the recordings but went on to play bass in Idle’s next band The Un Called Fore.

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