The Sternbachs 2002-2004 in Norfolk Virginia

Members Include:

  • Greg Terrence Tetley Vegas: Vocals
  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Guitar
  • Jahsche: Bass
  • Corky: Drums

The Sternbachs were named after Leo Sternbach, the inventor of valium, who appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. One time the band drove out to Whaleyville to play a double keg party where Matt Odeitus of The Candy Snatchers filled in on vocals. He cut himself with beer bottles in true snatcher form.

“We had partied for two nights straight and had no money or drugs left. Corky called and said we could get free beer and food if we played a party out in Whaleyville. On the way down, I remember Matt (who was on probation at the time) going into a Seven Eleven with no money and coming out with hot pockets and some beers. There were a couple near misses with the fists of the boyfriends of the girls he was hitting on. The whole thing was a blast, and somehow we made it out of there alive and back home on fumes of gas.” - Idle

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