The Tchotchkes formed in 2011 in Brooklyn New York

Members Include:

  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Guitar/Vocals
  • Robert conquer Conger: Guitar
  • Christian Johnston: Bass
  • Jubal Fearing: Drums

The Tchotchkes formed in Brooklyn NY in 2011 and were active until 2012. The band eventually changed their name to The Jacked Bennies in 2012 and added enough members to constitute calling this a new band. The band practiced in some legendary New York studios before they closed down like Roxy in Queens, where legend has it KISS got their make up idea from The New York Dolls.

The Tchotchkes wrote some of the early Jacked Bennie’s songs and played rock clubs in Brooklyn as well as out of town. One show they played was in Norfolk, VA, the home town of three of the members. Here they performed at The Taphouse. After that show we added a third Virginia Native who was also living in Brooklyn. His was Robert Conger and his energy changed the dynamic of the band. This was when we agreed to change the name to The Jacked Bennies and write more songs.