The Cookies 1983-1984 in Ripon, Wisconsin.

Members Include:

  • Danny Heidt: Vocals/Bass
  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Guitar
  • Disremembered: Drums

The Cookies consisted of Ripon College students from Ripon Wisconsin, the town famous for Rippin’ Cookies and The little school house, birthplace where the Republican Party was formed. Idle wanted to go away to college and his dad recommended applying to a college in his home state. Ripon College was a school idle knew he could get into. The long harsh winters were made easier once idle started dating a “townie” named Judy Williams. Idle would secretly spend the night in Judy’s basement and couldn’t use the bathroom until her dad went to work. Idle fondly remembers, “I would trudge through the ice and snow to my dorm remembering the salacious seduction of the night before; as Judy was a few more years older than me. You know how meaningful that is for a young man.” The band mates lived in the same dorm and on weekends would wake and bake and then head over to the performing arts building to practice.