The Virginia Gentlemen

The Virginia Gentlemen 2015-Present in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Members Include:

  • Brian “Idle Edsel” Diederich: Vocals
  • Rob Conquer Conger: Guitar
  • Christian Johnston: Bass
  • Lawrence Mud May: Drums
  • Josh Salant: Drums

The Virginia Gentlemen consists of a few members of The Candy Snatcher family. They each moved to New York in separate years but all grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We originally started just jamming around and switching instruments but quickly realized that Larry had a really cool left-handed style of playing drums. He was already doing vocals in a couple of bands, so he strayed away from taking on that duty. We did a bunch of shows in New York City and along the East Coast. The band recorded a self-titled record and a full-length LP.

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