The Love Missiles 1994-1996 in Norfolk Virginia.

Members Include:

  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Vocals/Guitar
  • James Gracia: Bass
  • Ruben Remulla: Drums

The Love Missiles were all friends that had been hanging out for a couple of years and decided to do a three-piece, mostly acoustic band. Idle had gotten most of the metal out of his system in previous bands and started playing his “cheese” guitar, a Fender strat that he had drilled holes into himself. He also played an Alvarez acoustic guitar with distortion. This band would drive into the woods at night, usually drunk after shows.

The band played a lot of crowded bars in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area. There are a lot of songs like “Chopping Down Weeds” and “Jack Benny” that we wrote and played regularly. They practiced in Idle’s roach infested house, which was torn down to make an ODU Dormitory. We jumped on trains in Norfolk’s southern train yards to make music videos. The band was riddled with love triangles and mysterious tragedies. . The band eventually fizzled out, but Remulla and Diederich moved on to a new musical act known as The Pimps.

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