The Stray Ponys 2011-Present

Members Include:

  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Vocals
  • Billy England: Guitar
  • Katie Teardrop: Guitar
  • Stacey Denny: Bass
  • Chuck Miners: Bass
  • Melissa Caymol: Drums

The Stray Ponys (which is the Strap On’s with two “Y’s” added to the name) is how they wrote the band name for the last 5 song EP. This is how idle with his southern drawl always pronounced the band anyway, sort of facetiously. Repeat the Strap-Ons ten times really fast and see if you aren’t saying “The Stray Ponys” by the time you are done. During this period, they were a male fronted girl band. These song were recorded two years after the band had been inactive for a while. Finally, band members could tell their families that they were no longer in a band with a pornographic name.

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