Manana Couch, 2011-Present, Brooklyn NY

Members Include:

  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Vocals
  • Alex Da Couch Sherman: Guitar
  • Nikolai Khadji: Guitar
  • Christian Johnston: Bass
  • Zandy Mangold: Drums

Manana Couch was formed in 2011 in Brooklyn NY. The band practiced at Fast Lane Studios on Flatbush Ave. The band recorded an EP called Tonya Hardon, which was followed up by a full length LP called Brooklyn Dirt. There is a four song EP that has also been recorded. The band has played many rock clubs in Brooklyn such as Trash Bar, Otto’s Shrunken Head, Grand Victory, Hank’s Saloon, Don Pedro’s, Cobra Club, Leftfield and many others. The band also played shows in Norfolk Virginia at Belmont House of Smoke. The band also got mentioned in National Geographic because drummer Zandy Mangold had a story written up about being a marathon runner, and winning a marathon in Africa.

“I would come to practice and Zandy would be on his back, stretching his legs, with his crotch facing me, while Alex is walking on Chris’ back to give him a pressure point massage, what a scene to walk into. All the while, hurling jokes about how metrosexual I am. Usually Alex would have a couple new riffs, and the songs would come together smoothly. Some called our music ethereal, some called it southern California metal, we call the type of music we play DIRT." - Idle

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