Under Construction 1991-1994 was formed in Virginia Beach VA.

Members Include:

  • Brian Idle Edsel Diederich: Power Saw, Jackhammer, Piledriver, Cement Mixer
  • James Gracia: Vocals, Industrial Springs, Circular Grinder.
  • Eric Johnston (Featured guest): Industrial Site Recording, Backup Vocals

Under Construction was influenced by early industrial bands such as Einstürzende Neubauten. Under Construction used actual tools and industrial equipment as instruments to make their sound. The band was formed in James’ family garage. His family ran a pool company and there were a lot of tools around that were used on recordings. Even things like garage springs or TVs being smashed became instruments. We would go to construction sites and record things like pile drivers for percussion. We even snuck onto a shipyard to record grinding noises from machinery and the sound of metal on metal. In the recordings, you can hear things like steam blowing and the pounding of machinery. We would add texture to the noise with handheld tools like grinders and jackhammers.

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