The UnCalled Fore 1985-1987 Blacksburg, Virginia.

Members Include:

  • Brian idle edsel Diedrich: Vocals/Guitars
  • Tommy Galloway: Bass
  • Ronny Hackette: Drums
  • Greg Unrecalled: Drums
  • Steve Unrecalled: Drums

The UnCalled Fore was a three piece that consisted of college students in Blacksburg VA and sometimes a townie from Christiansburg named Ronny. We usually practiced in a storage shed that was 10x10ft, which was carpeted up to get rid of the “tin noise”. The sheds were situated on the side of foothills below a mountain. With the help of Tommy, beer was part of the practice routine for the band. With beer came urination onto the gravel roads that separated the metal sheds. The band played some really big college parties.

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