The Jacked Bennies 2011-Present

Members Include:

  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Vocals
  • Robert Conger: Guitar
  • Paddy McConnell: Guitar
  • Bradley Dean: Guitar
  • Lance Mitchell: Guitar
  • Marc Cefalu: Bass/Guitar
  • Christian Johnston: Bass
  • Johnny Mac: Bass
  • Jubal Fearing: Drums

The Jacked Bennies (aka The Jack Bennies aka The Jacked Up Benzodrines aka The Tchotchkes) actually formed in 2011 as The Tchotchkes. It was one of the first four bands Idle had joined after moving to New York. Reviews consider this band to be in the garage-rock genre. The band brought on three guitar players, which thickened the sound and Idle didn’t have to worry about bringing anything to shows. Becoming a six piece band, new songs were written and they decided to change the name. The Tchotchkes had a song called Jack Benny and this gave us the idea to call the band The Jack Benny’s but we finally settled on The Jacked Bennies. There are releases with different variations of the name.

The band helped open many bars such as Cobra Club, El Cortez and so on in New York City. The band also helped close down many well known venues in New York City such as The Trash Bar, Grand Victory, Don Pedro’s and Hank’s Saloon.
They have done tours through New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts and Virginia.

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