Lucy Fur 1993-1995 in Norfolk Virginia

Members Include:

  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Guitar
  • David Lou Lewis: Vocals
  • James Gracia: Bass
  • Trevor Coddington: Drums

Lucy Fur is a musical continuation of dead gods and their heavier style, mixed with vocalist Lou “Lucifer” and his wicked writing style. Diederich and Gracia found Lou who was bouncing at local bars and were impressed by his deep voice and ability to hit the high notes while mocking different singers at the bar.

“He worked at the King’s Head Inn, so we figured if he was in the band, we would get gigs there easy! We also figured he could get us in the private all night club PJ’s, another club he worked at, that we rarely could get into, so our status in the dirt rock scene could be instantly elevated. Trevor studied with me, and he was the perfect fit in the band.” - Idle

Lucy Fur opened for GWAR at the Insect Club in Newport News Virginia. That was probably the band’s biggest show.

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