Idle Edsel 1976-Present

Current Members:

  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Vocals/Guitar
  • Josh Salant: Drums
  • Christian Johnston: Bass

Idle Edsel is the umbrella name for all music that Brian D. Diederich has been involved in. “Idle” is also Brian’s stage name and childhood nickname that he was given by fellow band-mate Christian Davenport Johnston. The “Edsel” came from a time where Brain saw a Ford Edsel idling on the road, and decided to add it to this stage name. There is a compilation record called Idle and there are forthcoming compilations of Brian’s music that go under the name Idle Edsel. It’s the name of the record label that puts out his music and spoken word projects. Idle has played in the garage-punk, rock, metal and folk genres. Some people ritually look for the idle edsel records sticker throughout their travels around the world, commonly found in rock club restrooms.

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