Brother Grace and Father Naldied are either the world’s greatest satirists or the world’s greatest psychopaths. The micro typeface doesn’t help. It must speak for itself, “VICTORIOUS CHRIST WE KILL FOR THEE/MILITARY CITY OF GOD ON EARTH WE DIE FOR THEE/SWORD OF GOD GUT THE EVIL CARCASS/IMPALE SINNERS THE CROSS AMEN.” “All the killing and mayhem and death that Christ saw in the wars drove him to smoking large quantities of hashish that he got from the Persian arms traders.” “The first emon was a tremendous flying gargoyle with nine heads and each head spewed forth hot black acid that would dissolve the bones and flesh of any man. And each head had to go with it one discharge hole that would spew forth hot poisonous feces. This demon is the evil seed of homosexuality as this species of demon instigates the lust for sodomy.” They also have tapes that guarantee a free ticket to heaven. Truly incredible. No trades/no ads.



Heads up, heathens. Pat Robertson move over. The faded boardwalks and eroding sand dunes around the TV preacher-turned-politico’s Virginia Beach headquarters are home to a new religion now, to a message that takes Robertson’s hate-filled oratory at the Republican convention and shreds it with its own perversity.

Say hello to religious terrorists Church of New Faith.

“Pat Robertson is just a foot soldier,” says Brian Diederich, who founded the Church with partner James Gracia three years ago. “We’re lashing out against the televangelists… We will take over from the ashes and build a new world order.”

Diederich and Gracia are the alter egos of New Faith frontmen Brother Gustus Naldied and Father Heime Grace. Together they present their message of “the fighting Jesus” in a mind-twisting, rapid fire mix of speed bible reading, prayer and surreal personal testimony, delivered on video and audio tapes and in occasional live performances.

“I’m Brian Diederich now, but when I’m with James we spark each other’s alter egos and become Father Grace and Brother Naldied. Otherwise we’re just two mild mannered students,” Diederich laughs.

A sample prayer from the Church’s Your Sins Killed Him tape: “Lord, kill all who do not believe! Kill wretched! Kill crack users! Kill long-haired maggot-infested children of ‘60s rejects! Satan killed your Mom! Satan killed your children! Lord help us deal with the death and decimation of the forces of evil! I pray: die all heathens! I pray: please Lord help us in our war against Satan! Kill!”

“There’s a lot of killing in our world,” Diedrich says. “But in killing is death and in death is the truth and in trough is love… There’s been a lot of political jockeying with the Bible. The way they perverted it was that he (Jesus) was just this flower child preaching love but actually he was more like a punk rocker preaching anarchy.”

The new faith began with drug-induced “simultaneous vision.”

“We truly believed it was a hallucination from the drugs we were doing. But when we quit the drugs, we realized we had seen the Lord Jesus Christ,” Brother Naldied explained during a September appearance on Richmond public access cablevision’s “Experimental Television” program. “When we quit the drugs, we realized we were saved and didn’t even realize it. We didn’t even know it.”

To document their vision, Diederich and Gracia – now Naldied and Grace – wrote “Christ: The Dark Years, “ a pamphlet that traces “the period of Jesus’ life that isn’t in the Bible, from ages eight to 28,” Diederich explains.

“God gave us a simultaneous vision of what he wanted us to write,” he says.

According to “The Dark Years,” Jesus had more than a little difficulty coming to terms with his divine origins. “He went out, experienced the flesh, did drugs, fornicated with the dead,” Diederich says. “He found that he was basically just a splice of the semen of God inserted into the Virgin Mary.”

“Jesus was a grit, just a transient bum, homeless, begging for money,” Diederich says. “Through his death, his word was elevated but then perverted over the centuries by Popes and so on by omitting parts of the Bible.”

According to the New Faith, what was left out of the Bible was “the fighting Jesus.” “The Dark Years” prophesies a coming Armageddon in which Jesus will reappear.

An excerpt of “The Dark Years” vision of the future: “Now is the time for father Grace and brother Naldied to summon the death squads for Christ. Swarms of militant New Age Christians, Commandos for Christ joined in battle by endless steams of dead Christians popping out of their graves, endless killing sprees, bodies in the streets. Stomping on skulls which cover the streets, we look into the eyes of limbless torsos and say we told you this would happen! But we will have pity on them and set up hospitals where they can die.”

Reaction to the Church’s message has been decidedly mixed. “Most of the response we get is shock. They don’t know what to think, “Diederich says. “A lot of kids think we’re evil and they’re evil and that we’re their buddy… People send us prayers to Satan,” he says. “Every now and then someone who sees the workings of the conspiracy will see what we’re doing.”

So far the Church has found its biggest audience on the airwaves, through college radio and elsewhere. New Faith tapes are regularly featured on the “SubGenius Hour of Slack” radio show, which goes out weekly to 21 cities. Diederich and Gracia have begun to carry their message into the clubs, preaching over tape loops between sets by rock bands.

“That’s where we find the people we want to join our church,” Diederich says. “We want people who haven’t experienced the death of Christ.” He pauses. “Christ died with a hard-on.”