The Dutch Destroyers 2010-2011

Members Include:

  • Larry May: Vocals
  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Bass
  • Geert Dead Elvis: Guitar
  • Yaspers van Gerwen: Guitar
  • Roel van Merlot: Drums

The Dutch Destroyers (AKA Larry May and The V.O.C.'s) were formed in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 69 Charger, a band from the Netherlands, met the Candy Snatchers while the Candy Snatchers were on tour in 2003 at a festival called The LA Shakedown in Los Angeles, CA. The two bands had talked about doing a European tour together for years. Some members never had a passport so it wasn’t until 2010 that Larry and Brian, supported by 69 Charger, did the Candy Snatchers first European tour.

Another tour was done in 2011 that went to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. The band wasn’t entirely comfortable being called The Candy Snatchers since it had only been a few years since Matt’s death, and the three year mourning period during which the band was inactive had recently ended. So they talked about writing some songs in the future and in a broken down van outside of Amsterdam, decided to call the project The Dutch Destroyers, Larry May and the V.O.C.’s.

There are many YouTube videos of the shows they did on these tours and those are listed as Larry May, Idle and 69 Charger.

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