The Pimps 1995-1997 in Norfolk Virginia.

Members Include:

  • Brian idle edsel Diederich: Vocals
  • Billy England: Bass/Guitar
  • Joe Emmit George: Guitar
  • Ruben Remulla: Drums
  • Chris Howe: Bass/Guitar
  • Katie Teardrop: Guitar

The Pimps (AKA The Strap-Ons) started when idle would go over to Joe George’s house and he said he wanted to form a band and he already had the riff to “My Dad Smokes Crack” and some other songs. Soon after the original lineup of Joe, Bill, idle, Chris and Ruben were playing gigs at local bars. They used to practice at Joe George’s house until he got accepted to Julliard Grad School for acting. They continued to practice at his house until he stopped coming back from school. Joe’s acting career eventually landed him a TV commercial during the Superbowl Halftime.

The band recorded at Ugly Duckling Studio in Virginia Beach. This was idle's first time recording at a professional studio.

Eventually The Pimps was receiving threats by Hollywood Records (a record label of the Disney Music Group) after one of the recently signed bands on their roster had taken on the name The Pimps and trademarked the name out from underneath us. There were threats of lawsuits, so the band eventually changed the name to The Strap-Ons.

"The band was shortly forced to quit doing drugs when their favorite dealer, Vinny, ran into some trouble. Turns out he didn’t take our advice and kept his weapons. For this reason, we are waiting until 2045 for him to come out of jail so we can get high again and make a new record." - idle edsel

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